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Sheltered, Glassy Water

PWP was built and is owned and run by 3 local siblings (Mark, Sarah & Steph). We're proud to bring Pembrokeshire its first Wake Park and Wales its first Aqua Park.


Our dream began many moons ago, way before we even knew what a business plan was. We decided to wait off a few years until things were a bit more 'possible' and so in 2016 we registered as a business. With two of us still at University, we began writing our business plan, meeting up in Pembrokeshire, London, Swansea and Bath (we spread along the M4 well) to discuss, type, research and drink plenty of coffee whilst scratching our heads.

We originally started looking for land in St.Davids as this is where Steph went to school and we knew the area as well as the local surf scene well. However, after literally knocking on farmers doors and looking at birds eye views on google earth of potential 'lakes' we decided there was nothing quite suitable. It was a few months later that our Mum had read 'Land for sale in Martletwy', that our dreams start becoming a reality. We ventured out (after thinking where the blumin' hell is that?!) and decided it's location (behind Oakwood & Bluestone), land clay content and small stream on site were perfect... and before you knew it, before we even got planning we had purchased almost 7 acres of agricultural land... and it wasn't to put any sheep on it, let me tell you!

It was winter 2017 when were were granted planning permission by Pembrokeshire County Council and after countless amounts of paperwork (you can just imagine), ecology reports, material sourcing and so on, we were onsite and ready (as we'll ever be!) to build. But believe us when we say it wasn't your 'typical' building site. Rather than finding contractors, you'd find just three siblings, freezing, covered in mud and carry all sorts of materials from one part of bog to another. 

Working things out as we went along, youtube tutorials became our best friend. Considering we purchased land with no water lines or electricity it wasn't easy.

Mark (the middle one) having just finished University as a Master mechanical engineer, fortunately we had some brain power. Growing up he was a God sent for our Mum as from a young age he self taught how to refit kitchens, fix cars, rewire houses and became creative in the garage. With a lot of patience he taught Sarah and I how to plum, weld, tile, plaster and carry very heavy things... to name only a few. 

Although we had originally considered digging the lake ourselves (renting machinery) it came to the point of realisation that we also had a clubhouse, carpark, store rooms, sewage plant, electricity, water lines to put in, road to sort... amongst everything else on our to do list to get done before we opened, we thought maybe it was one too many 'things' to do. Within 2 weeks, our lake was dug & compacted with the clay content onsite as well as filling with stream water, all thanks to the local groundwork team the 'Locke brothers' who thought Sarah and I were highly entertaining, often losing our builders boots in knee deep mud whilst carrying what felt like the weight of an elephant on our backs. Neither of us have any intention of ever doing a 'tough mudder' event and who knew digging a lake was such an art!

Fast forward 8 months (I won't bore you anymore), we opened our doors after being persuaded by our eldest siblings (Yes there's 4 of of us, just the eldest is sensible) on June 8th 2017 and we literally haven't stopped since. 

After our first season, we were back in with the tools and adding bits, we even dug a second Lake, put in new changing rooms, reception, more water & electricity lines - EVEN A PHONE LINE! and become home to Wales' first Aqua park by SUMMER 2018! But that's a whole other story (having planned to start the dig in November but having to wait until May after one of the worst winters in years!) 

Our winters now consist of building and expanding, our work never stops, we're always thinking of the next idea. But now at least we have a little bit of experience (or we're still just mad) and running water to make hot tea- very important!

We built PWP because of our love for Pembrokeshire and now coming into our 3rd year of operating PWP has grown into something so much more. We've plenty of friends made along the way, we've a brilliant team of staff and the support is never-ending. What was a boggy patch of grass in the middle of nowhere is now a second home to a lot of locals and plenty of smiling faces that come to visit. 

So thank you, firstly for taking the time to read this blurb and secondly for the support. If you fancy reading a little bit more, head to our blog. Or if you're visiting, we're at at park everyday (obviously!) so why not ask us a question or two about Marks first 'send it' moment, Steph's ability to cook up a storm without an oven or Sarah's unrivalled capacity  to stress.

You'll also probably get to meet our family dogs, if not hear them first. Bryn & Dewi, both rescues who couldn't fit in more. 

Thanks & see you on the water, Sarah, Mark, Steph, Bryn & Dewi