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Meet The PWP Sibling Team

Pembrokeshire Wake Park is run and owned by Sarah, Mark and Stephanie Harris, a sibling trio born and brought up in the county.  (We should probably point out at this point, that there is a 4th Harris in the 'Harris Clan'; however, she is deemed the sensible one and so wasn't silly enough to think that buying a piece of land in a part of Pembrokeshire you had never heard of and building a wake park at the edge of the UK was a brilliant idea). 

Together their passion for sports ranges from rugby to gymnastics, kitesurfing to ballet and down hill biking to snowboarding. The siblings felt very fortunate to have had such great opportunities to participate in sports growing up and believed it was important to give back to a community they loved. 

At first they all headed off into their own areas, specialising in Podiatry, Mechanical Engineering and Sports and Social Sciences. However, with a desire to run a family business together and a yearning to return

to Pembrokeshire, they finally bit the bullet and returned home with the hope of making their dream a reality. 

After 6 years of hard graft, they have now been successfully operating for 2 years, bringing Pembrokeshire its first wake park and Wales it's first aqua park. If you would like to learn more about the build then please head to our blog where Steph (the youngest one) has created some absolute corkers to read. 

But without going into stories of Mark's first 'send it!' moment, Steph's ability to cook up a storm without an oven and Sarah's unrivalled capacity to stress, the sibling trio would like to thank everyone who has helped them get this far. Without the help of friends and family their dream would have remained a dream and they wouldn't have been able to share their passion for wakeboarding, the outdoors, water sports, food, Pembrokeshire and dogs with all of you. 

We love wake boarding, we hope you all do too!

"To create an unforgettable family experience,

offering new adventures for all abilities and providing new sporting

pathways that promote an active, outdoor, environmentally minded and healthy lifestyle."


1 Our Dogs1

Introducing our dogs Bryn and Dewi. Our chunky monkey, Bryn,  tends to put on a few pounds over the winter when he doesn't have wakeboarders to chase. The miniature cow, Dewi, can be found most days hanging out with the cows opposite the wake park, parading about with his latest bone or trying to work out if he is really a cow. Both Bryn and Dewi are rescues, Bryn is roughly 3-3.5 years old and is a rescue from Green Acres. He is originally from Ireland (has a passport to prove it) and loves nothing other than to play at the wake park all day and stare at Mark, his best friend. Dewi on the other hand was abandoned in Dale, Steph popped out to see a friend and returned 30 minutes later with a 6 week old puppy. We do not know their breeds, but whatever they are they are both a great mix and fabulous attributes to the park. 

So yes! If you haven't guessed already we are a dog friendly attraction!